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Why Choose Us?

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Why Choose Us

Our agency provides Home Care including skilled nursing, physical and occupational rehabilitation, speech therapy, social work services, personal care assistance, and homemaking services are available in private residences, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. We partner with the area’s three major medical centers and our patients’ physicians to assure a seamless transition in care following a hospital discharge.

Our unique Health Supervision program offers routine monitoring for those who have passed the acute stages of an illness, but who have a continued need for health assessments, assistance with managing medications, and ongoing support. These care measures offer the opportunity for early detection of medical issues and often prevent emergency room visits or re-hospitalization.

In spite of similar "storefront" services in pharmacies and supermarkets, attendance at the Immunization Programs and Blood Pressure clinics we hold in local libraries, community centers, residential communities, and town facilities remains steady due to the oversight and attentiveness of our registered nurses.

Our Palliative and Hospice Care services have tripled during the 2016 calendar year due to our reputation for delivering comprehensive, compassionate end-of-life care.

Our unparalleled levels of high quality, comprehensive care are consistently reflected in positive survey results about quality of patient care, accelerated rates of recovery, and low incidence of re-hospitalization after treatment.

We continue to honor our 108-year-old charitable mission of providing services to anyone in need of care, regardless of insurance limitations, financial hardship, or ability to pay.