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We've compiled a list of some of the most commonly asked questions. If you can't find the answer you seek here, please call us at 860.651.3539.

Please call our Agency at 860.651.3539, or give our Agency name and phone number to the hospital's or rehabilitation center's Discharge Planner or whomever will be arranging for services. We will discuss your needs and make arrangements for appropriate services.
Yes! If you ask for the agency of your choice by name, whomever is making arrangements on your behalf is legally obligated to honor your request. If you do not specify an agency, you will be assigned a home health agency based upon someone else's preferences.
Services are typically covered by Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance and Managed Care Plans. We will be happy to contact your insurance plan regarding coverage for the services you seek, and are able to negotiate on your behalf.
Regardless of your insurance coverage or ability to pay, our non-profit agency will provide you with the services you need, within the limits of our financial resources. Please call us at 860.651.3539 to confidentially discuss your circumstances.
The Farmington Valley VNA will work with your doctor to develop a plan of care that best meets your needs and will hasten your recovery.
To ensure that an agency maintains high standards of conduct and adheres to strict regulations, choose a home care/hospice agency that is Medicare certified and State licensed. Agencies should have policies in place to conduct careful screening and selection of staff, including criminal background checks, drug testing, comprehensive orientation, ongoing training, and regular supervision of staff. An agency's mission about delivery of care may depend on their non-profit or for-profit status. Ask questions and be selective!
No! The VNA name is a "trademark" for an independent, nonprofit home care agency. Although many VNA agency names may sound similar and service areas may overlap, each VNA is a separate agency with its own staff, board of directors, and traditional service area.
The Farmington Valley VNA has been caring for community residents since 1908. Ask for us by name!

Call us at 860.651.3539 and ask to speak with our Intake Coordinator for information and details regarding our programs.

If you or your loved one needs home health or hospice care, these steps will serve as a guideline:
  • 1. If the individual needing care is already at home, call the Farmington Valley VNA's Intake Coordinator at 860.651.3539. We will gather information, speak with your physician, and arrange for services.
  • 2. If the individual is in the hospital, rehabilitation center, or nursing home, a Discharge Planner, Nurse, or Case Manager will be coordinating the release. Tell them you would like the Farmington Valley VNA to provide the in-home assistance you require. If you indicate your preference for a home care agency, your request must be honored. They will contact us directly with the information we need to establish services in your home.
  • 3. In all cases, be sure you have your current insurance information handy. Please specify if you have Medicare, a Medicaid or other health plan. Having accurate information in advance will help expedite approval for services from your insurance company.
  • 4. Within one day of the referral, you will receive a telephone call from a Farmington Valley VNA nurse or therapist to arrange a time for a home visit. During this visit, the individual needing care will be evaluated, and we will collaborate with your physician to develop an appropriate plan of care.